Top trends that will dominate the online gambling world in 2021 (part 2)


Esports will be huge

When the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged different economies, most people turned to video streaming sites like YouTube or Twitch. A league of professional video gamers is rising. That started as a fun way of passing the time. Then the players started betting and utilizing the internet to play remotely.

We can expect a lot of things in 2021 that will make online gambling better. Expect social, structural, and technological changes with the aim of making the user experience better. Those companies unready to embrace the trends seem to get faced out unless they discover how to embrace changes.

Cut-throat competition will face this industry

Casino and sports betting are always controversial issues in most countries around the world. There are cases that some states allow betting, while others do not. For example, only 17 states in the US have legalized sports betting after years of discussions on the ethical issues around gambling.

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Focus on responsible gambling

One of the most pertinent issues is about those who lose large amount of money through online gambling. There are losers who sank into depression, start taking hard drugs, or even commit suicide. There are also losers who turn to crime and petty theft since they are addicted to gambling.

A variety of stakeholders are coming up with programs promoting responsible gambling. Some online casinos provide measures that allow players to set the maximum they can lose each day. Some countries like the UK have measures that are enforced by the UK Gambling Commissions while other countries like Australia do not allow affiliates to advertise gambling and sport betting activities in their bodies. We expect that the year 2021 will see more of such programs that promote responsible gambling be put in place.

Augmented and Virtual Reality will be used more

New technologies like augmented and virtual reality, which make a live casino more realistic and improves overall client satisfaction, have been used in the gaming industry for some last few years. But these techs are still a new concept in the online casino world. We expect mixed reality, a combination of augmented and virtual reality in 2021. The overall experience will surely help to increase the uptake of online betting.