Top trends that will dominate the online gambling world in 2021 (part 1)


2020 is the year that disrupted the normal way of life due to a pandemic that forced many social places to be closed. On the other hand, amid the world health crisis, we see the raising of some winners, who adapted quickly and took their activities online, and the online gambling industry has been one of the winners during this era. But will the gambling industry remain the same? Let’s see some trends that will dominate the online gambling industry in 2021.

Increase in social and online gambling

Casino companies have reported increased profit margins thanks to increased betting activities with a good number of gamblers who use mobile phones and apps to reach the betting sites. Since not everyone has a computer, so casinos seem to tap into this market and 2021 will be the year when gambling companies are going to invest more to make their sites more mobile-friendly. As a result, more people will play classic games through their mobile devices.

The online casinos are also going to apply in-game models in order to increase their revenue. The players may pay a small fee, which will be used to replicate in a better gaming environment. Moreover, the casino companies seem to use mobile-specific bonuses, boosts, and skins to personalize customer experiences.

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Crypto payments will reshape the space

More than ten years ago, when blockchain came into the limelight, not many people realized it had so much potential. Crypto payments have been placed in a variety of online casinos for some time now. But there is a limitation that some casinos do not include bonuses if players use crypto as their payment options, which has limited the number of players using crypto since bonuses come in handy. 2021 is expected to be the year that these casinos offer bonuses to those using crypto payments.

The online gambling sites will also leverage on blockchain’s power in areas like accounting, transparency, and immutability so that they are more efficient and secure.