about acecompany - AboutEva Mason is a great connoisseur of online casinos. Since she was very young, she has travelled around the world searching for new adventures. Her passion for knowing about new cultures took her to places she never thought of before.

During one of her long stays in Las Vegas, she took a tour to all the casinos in the area. Amazed by the lights and the fun, she decided to try her luck and try some of the games. To her surprise, it turned out to be very good. She decided to take a course on casino games and learned as much as she could.

When she arrived in her hometown, she wanted to continue learning about the business of physical casinos, online casinos, and live casinos.

The more slot machines and new games she learned about, the more interested she became. One day, thanks to a friend, she triedbaccarat for the first time. Excited because she already knew this game because it appeared in all James Bond movies, she took lessons with some of her friends.

That’s how she learned the terms and moves of this incredible French card game.

Already prepared with extensive knowledge, she decided to create a website to share her knowledge with all baccarat enthusiasts. Thus, Ace Company was born. A website specialized in online casinos where you can also play baccarat live.

Live baccarat games are the best way to see different strategies in action. In real-time, visitors to these websites will be able to see other people’s moves while handling the distinctive terminology.

If you’re also passionate about baccarat, this site is made especially for you. Welcome to Ace Company.